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To engage is to get involved. It is to tackle the challenges in front of you. It is to put you and your team in the best position to do great things.


The Engage Foundation is a nonprofit that teaches kids how to engage in life by providing new, free and safe opportunities to participate in activities that are challenging, inspiring and underrated. The activities are diligently selected to build individual character, teamwork and sportsmanship.


With its founding based in non-tackle rugby, Engage helps kids excel by showing them the invaluable life skills rugby naturally instills, the bond among teammates and an appreciation for life spent in motion.


Engage is officially recognized and supported by USA Rugby, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson, and the Boys and Girls Club of Tucson. We hope to share this with more organizations around Tucson to engage our kids in life and love for our community.


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Engage implements life skills like family, respect, passion, preparation and service into its sessions. Engage’s mascot is The Pack (Passionate, Active, Committed, Kind), a group of different desert animals working as a team to accomplish the same goals.

“Rugby gave me a confidence. I was quite shy and relatively timid.”

 Brian O’Driscoll


Tucson, AZ, USA


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Tucson, AZ, USA

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